Date of Birth: October 16, 1980.

Family status : Single.





§     February - October 2002

Internship with a huge Investment Bank, Paris la Défense, France.

-  Installation and customisation of the IDS(under LINUX) for in Paris La Défense, France.

-  Setting up auti-intrusion probes on the bank’s intranet for a maximum of security.

-  Setting up a mirroring saving policy of the SGIB’s Data Bases between Paris & New York.

-  (to uptodate)

All the reports were written in English.


§     June - September 2001

Internship (3 months) with AQSACOM SA. in Paris, France.

-  Design, installation and customization of a firewall under LINUX.

-  Establishment of a VPN under TLS and IPSec between 2 remote machines (under LINUX, UNIX and NT).

-  Ways of sniffing without detection of an NT machine.

-  Security of machines under LINUX.


§     January 2001 - February 2002

Project leaded for the school : Extranet project platform for the APPEES association with the partnership of  EDF, Schneider Electric & Lotus IBM.

Administration and security of a network of 10 computers including 6 servers under Win 2000 and NT.

Use of the following technologies: Lotus Domino, SameTime, QuickPlace et Knowledge Discovery Server

Part time position: 21O hours spread over the two last years of the MSc.


§     From February 00

‘Allô Cours’, ‘Top Profs’ and ‘Cours LEGENDRE’, Paris, France.

Private lessons in Math, Physics and Chemistry from the secondary School to "Math Sup".

Part time position (8-10 heures weekly).


§     Summer 2000

VALLEY OF ROCKS Hotel in Lynton, North Devon, U.K.

General Assistant - Three-month contract.


§     Summer 1999

GLEN USK Hotel in Llandrindod Wells, Wales, U.K.

General Assistant - Two-month contract.





Operating Systems:

Linux, Unix , Windows

Networking and Security:

IDS, PKI, Firewalls, …

Signal processing :

Recognition: Bayesian classification, Markovian recognition, ACP,...

Digital processing: non-recursive and recursive filters, Fourier transform, frequency conversion, multicadencing filtering, ...

Statistical processing : processes (ARMA, poissoniens, ), estimators (biais, consistency, likelihood maximum), ...


Telecommunications :

Frame Relay, SDH, PDH, WDM, xDSL, FDDI, optic fibers.

Cryptography :

Symmetrical et antisymmtrical algorithms, PKI,…





1999 – 2002

Master of Science in IT and Computer Science, ESIEA Paris, France.

Optional subjects: Finance & Economics and telecommunications & Networking.



Gained the Deug diploma at Université Paris VI (june 1999).


1997 – 1999

Preparatory classes Mathématiques Supérieures PCSI” & “Mathématiques Spéciales PC*”, Lycée Buffon, Paris, France.

Intensive program emphasizing Mathematics and Physics leading to a competitive examination for admission to French Engineering schools.


1994 – 1997

High school - Obtained scientific “Baccalauréat S” equivalent to A levels with distinction

High School – Gained  the French Baccalauréat S option Mathematics, with honours.







basket-ball, ski (winter), and chess.


Cryptography (quantum, elliptical curves, HFE, …)


Currently preparing a web site: